High-value work, but on your terms

If you’re a qualified paraplanner (or you’re super close to becoming one!) or want to join our team and you’ve just been hanging for a flexible working opportunity (one that rewards you for being efficient), then step right this way…

Franc is a supportive community of remote paraplanners who are keen on upskilling and collaborating with you on advice documents.

We are a group of paraplanners who want:

  • Complete control over how much work we take on at any time
  • To make more money than we did in a regular 9-5 (hello debt-free life!)
  • To fit work in around busy schedules, kids or other full-time work
  • To work from anywhere!
  • Streamlined, straightforward work, only doing plans and not all the boring admin that goes along with it
  • To learn new things from a highly-regarded and experienced paraplanner
  • To gain access to free templates, processes and supportive, actionable advice
  • A nurturing environment so you’ll never feel like just a number

How it works

You want to make good money without having a daily commute, flexibility and more time with your family…

While doing meaningful work with a talented and hardworking bunch of paraplanners.

The Franc model is simple.

And experinence is rewarded

You get paid per completed plan.

There’s different levels of plans, depending on how complex they are.

The more experienced you are, the faster you work… the more you get paid.

  1. Each month, you give us your availability / how many plans you want to complete per week / the type of plans (small, standard, hard). The amount you take on is totally up to you!
  2. We’ll send you client work along with any templates to use at the start of each week.
  3. If you hit any snags, reach out to others in our Franc community and we can work through it together.
  4. You send the documents back to us and we’ll handle all the client communication.
  5. You’ll be paid each week for the amount of documents you’ve completed. Easy!

A supportive environment. No BS.

You’ll be a valued member of our team, celebrated for your achievements, skills and contributions.

That’s because we’re a collective working towards solutions, improvements in systems and processes and most importantly: doing good work.

Heck, even if you’re just ready for a new challenge to upskill and learn better ways of doing things…

We’ll show you our templates, nurture you with guidance and support and train you to be the best darn paraplanner you can be (not to mention setting you up for future roles too)!

Franc is different.

You’ll have plenty of time to work through as much or as little plans as you like. And if something comes up and you need to stop work?

Our supportive team will pick up the slack. No worries.

Just join us already!

Our why is empowering communities

At the heart of it, we want to empower location-independent workers in rural communities.

If you’re a working mum, saving for a deposit on a house or wanting to eliminate your debt, you shouldn’t be limited by your options.

That’s why we’ve created such an important and supportive community who are on-hand to provide interaction, training and support.

So… what can we do to get you on our team?

(We’re not above singing a power ballad to you.)

Just tap this!