Simply Franc

Our motto is to keep things easy, to celebrate simplicity.

The goal?

To make the compliance side of financial advice easy for our clients.

Along the way, we also decided it was high-time there were more flexible working opportunities for talented remote workers who get excited about creating advice documents.

We saw a gap in the market, and decided to fill it.

To be quite Franc

That’s why our mission is to provide flexible work opportunities for rural or remote paraplanners who want to do good work, with access to jobs that have previously been unavailable to them…

And to streamline the process of producing plans for busy advisers, taking the stress and management out of the equation and handing back quality, compliant work.

But tell us – what do you want?

  • Are you sick of wasting time in the ‘back-end’ writing advice documents, when you could be out there… delighting clients?
  • Do you want consistent advice documents that don’t need multiple rounds of editing?
  • You’re keen for a paraplanner that understands the advice document process, but also the strategy behind them
  • Do you want a simple solution – and not just more problems or questions?
  • You want access to someone that’ll take care of the tech and software for advice document production would be nice too… wouldn’t it?
We hear ya.

Good people doing good work

Founded by Rachel and Chris Bragg in 2017, we’re a group of qualified paraplanners who are experienced in financial advice documents, paraplanning and the financial services industry.

Seriously, we have a combined total of 10 years in the business of advice (and that’s not counting all of the other awesome paraplanning humans we’ve got working with us)!

Our founders actually spent the better part of 4 years house-sitting around Australia – they know the importance of remote opportunities and a good Wi-Fi connection!

We’re a small, agile team who are reliable, trustworthy and, quite frankly, keen as mustard.

But even more than that, we’re an equal opportunity employer who has created a safe place for remote workers to access great paraplanning jobs.

We’re your behind-the-scenes people

All of our paraplanners are qualified: the minimum requirement is a Diploma of Financial Planning.

Each one has an unwavering dedication to their craft and each one is committed to upskilling and staying ahead of the market. Yep, we update OUR clients on Australian financial advice industry news and regulation changes.

We do things differently.

  • We know that when you feel good about your choices, you’ll do good work.
  • That could be the ease of offloading work to a trusted partner, or feeling comfortable in your work.
  • We are selective about who we work with (we only work with businesses and people who respect the industry, our team and clients).
  • We don’t see this business as B2B or B2C, but a human to human and person to person experience.

This isn’t our first time:

  • I wanted someone that understood what I wanted and was able to provide a solution. Franc took the time upfront to understand what my problems were and provide a solution.
  • I now have more time to spend WITH clients instead of needing more time to work ON clients
  • Not just another cookie cutter advice document that presents product instead of advice. Makes it easier to scale my business.
  • Franc took the time upfront to understand what my problems were and provide a solution.
  • Streamlined paraplanning process, minimal rework, accuracy and compliance, increased efficiency, minimise timeframes between client discovery and advice presentation, better client outcomes.