An Aussie paraplanning group hell-bent on making life easier for busy advisers

Franc produces the highest quality and compliant advice documents for financial advisers, while empowering remote paraplanners with more work opportunities.

Our jam is to:

  • Streamline the production of advice documents for busy advisers, taking the stress and management out of the equation and handing back quality, compliant work
  • Create more flexible work opportunities for qualified Australian paraplanners

Time better spent

If you’re going through a time of massive business growth (and you don’t want to outsource overseas), this is your chance to engage experienced Aussie paraplanners who understand the system and the obligations to produce high quality, complaint work. We’ll take care of all this stuff.

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Did you say… flexibility?

We’ve created a space for you: the remote paraplanner who craves their own hours, meaningful work, wants to reach a tonne of personal goals and have access to a supportive community that celebrates learning, collaboration and flexibility.

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This isn’t our first time:

  • I wanted someone that understood what I wanted and was able to provide a solution. Franc took the time upfront to understand what my problems were and provide a solution.
  • I now have more time to spend WITH clients instead of needing more time to work ON clients
  • Not just another cookie cutter advice document that presents product instead of advice. Makes it easier to scale my business.
  • Franc took the time upfront to understand what my problems were and provide a solution.
  • Streamlined paraplanning process, minimal rework, accuracy and compliance, increased efficiency, minimise timeframes between client discovery and advice presentation, better client outcomes.